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Corpus X

B2B Data Analytics Platform
to help you
‘Do Business with Certainty’

Access sophisticated data 

Corpus X leverages BOL Analytics (BOLA) designed to optimize business potential, manage users’ clients and suppliers efficiently, and to capture opportunities while assessing potential risks.


Make the right decisions, with the right data

Fast and accurate business decisions are essential, and Corpus X is the key to achieve market growth and access useful and inclusive data while optimizing your company’s resources.

Access industry-leading databases and qualified tools

Corpus X provides a comprehensive B2B database spanning 20 years of industry information with internationally-accredited features. Corpus X’s information is of the

same standard as financial institutions.


Ensure your experience with our customer service center

Should you need any support, our customer service center (Call Service) is a phone call away or attend our free Corpus X Workshops for more tips and tricks of your experience.

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