Capture business opportunities
with our
 data intelligence platform

Explore new insights

with exclusive data access

Corpus is a comprehensive intelligence platform that compiles information on every registered company in Thailand. Firmographic data, financial statements, along with the latest news updates and intuitive social media monitoring alerts are offered to enhance customers' decision-making process.

Make the right decisions

with cutting edge analytics

Understanding the complexity of the current business landscape, Corpus provides numerous analytical tools to reduce the time, money and risk that accompanies any business decision.

Overtake competitors

with industry-leading tools

Corpus data and analytics are of the same standard to tools used by financial institutions to analyse their stakeholders. Corpus ensures your decisions are being made with a qualified standard.

Receive the support you need

with our customer service centre

Should you need any support, our Corpus customer service centre is just a phone call away. Contact us through our Call Service or attend our free Corpus Workshops for tips and tricks about our service.

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