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Corpus is a comprehensive intelligence platform that compiles information on every registered company in Thailand. Firmographic data, competitor data, industry data, financial statements, along with the latest news updates and intuitive social media monitoring alerts are offered to enhance customers' decision making process.

Credit Guideline & FS Score

Make the right decisions with cutting edge analytics

Corpus provides numerous analytical tools to help forecast business financial strength e.g. FS Score (Financial Stress Score),
a bankruptcy risk indicator performing the same standard rating system used by financial institutions.

Industry Norm

Measure performance accurately with industry-leading tools

Corpus data and analytics show you the competitive environment among your industry that benefits your business performance measurement and partner analysis.

Evaluate your financial health

Corpus works as your personal analyst you to evaluate your business financial health to reach the goal whether it is the cash flow and profit increment, or cost and debt reduction.

Access business information automatically

Easily connect your system with BOL database to transfer data automatically, receive data quickly and securely and reduce work process.

Get closer into consumer insights

Know your target audience discussion through this social monitoring tool that consoliates data from social media in real-time basis for online marketing purpose.

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