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Cookies Policy

1.   What are Cookies?

     Cookies are small text files which are stored on computers or devices of customers or users (the “Customers”) when the Customers visit a website (the “Website”)of Business Online Public Company Limited (the “Company”).  Various  information and settings  are  stored for convenient and efficient access to the Website. For the purpose of using cookies, they do not pose any danger to the Customers’ computers or devices and the content in the cookies may only be viewed or read via the Website.

2.   Benefits of Cookies

    The cookies will inform the Company of a part of the Company’s service you have accessed so that the Company can offer the better service experience that meets your needs. In addition, using cookies to record the initial settings of the Website will allow you to access the Website with such initially determined settings on every occasion of use except where cookies are disabled or removed. In the latter case, all the settings will be restored to the default settings.

3.   Use of Cookies

   The Company uses cookies to store information and settings on the Customers’ computers or devices when the Customers visit the Website to improve the Website’s functionality and content, marketing purpose and establishment of anonymized statistics about the Customers’ browsing experience on the Website.

    Cookies enable the Company to analyze activities relevant to the Website, such as the date, time, and area of the visited Website in order to make the Company’s services compatible with the Customers’ preferences and interests, as well as prevent and detect potentially prohibited or unauthorized activities. For certain services, the Company offers the Customers the choice to store Customers’ user IDs and passwords within cookies so that the Customers do not need to re-enter them when the Customers subsequently return to the Website.

    Moreover, the Company may use cookies in conjunction with other technologies to ascertain the usability format and usage history, information or services of the Customers’ interest, and analyze such information to develop the services, display content, advertisement or public relations of appropriate activities that match the Customers’ interests in order to enhance the Customers’ satisfaction.

    The Company’s services may be provided separately on many websites and each website may use the cookies for one or more purposes. You can see the purpose(s) from the details of the type of the cookies used by such website.

   The Company will use cookies pursuant to the stipulations under this Cookies Policy and the Privacy Policy, which the Customers can study more information at


     The types of the cookies used by the Company may be categorized as follows:


3.1  Strictly Necessary Cookies

    These cookies are necessary for provision of the services relating to the Website to enable you to

    use various parts of the Website, including to help remember your information provided through

    the Website. When disabling these cookies, you will not be able to use some material parts of the

    Company’s service which require Cookies. For example, the cookies which are used to manage login

    system and your login status.

3.2  Performance Cookies

     Performance cookies will help facilitate  your  use of  the service and help the Company to get to

     know you better.  The Company  will  use  the information to present  and  develop  its products

     and/or services to be compatible with your interests. However, the information collected by  these

     cookies will be unidentifiable and will be used for statistical analysis only.  When  disabling these
     cookies, the Company will not be able to know the Website’s visitor  number s and  measure  the
     service quality.


3.3  Functional Cookies
    These Cookies will help the Website remembers settings of the Data Subject and present content

    compatible with the Data Subject’s usage, such as remembering the Account of the Data Subject or

    remembering changes to font size setting or other settings of the Data Subject. In the event that        the Company allows the Data Subject to set its privacy to disable or suspend the use of Cookies

    for the Website, whether in whole or in part, such disabling or suspending may affect the provision

    of the Website by the Company, or result in some inconvenience when using certain functions.


3.4 Targeting Cookies
    These Cookies are used to store usage information and information relating to websites visited by 

    the Data Subject to offer goods or services through websites of a third party. If the Data Subject

    disables these Cookies, it will not affect usage of the the Website, but will affect offering of goods

    or services through other websites, which may not be compatible with the Data Subject’s interests.

    In order to provide the service  and facilitate you in  using  the service as  mentioned above, the

    Company uses a plugin and services of third parties, such as Google Analytics, etc.

4.   Linking to Third-Party Websites

     Some part of the Website may contain hyperlinks to websites or social media of third parties, and may embed content or videos from social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc., which will allow you to have access to the content and interact with other people on the social media from the Website. The websites or social media of the third parties will set the cookies by themselves. Cookies and other tracking technologies of such third parties are not covered by this Cookies Policy. The Company cannot control over or be liable for those cookies and the Company recommends that you should read and study a policy or notification regarding use of the cookies of the third parties.


5.   Cookie Disabling Method

You can disable the cookies through your browsers and privacy settings in order to prevent the Cookies from collecting information in the future (more information may be studied from


6.  Choices Regarding Cookies

    The Customers may reset the browser or privacy settings to disable or remove cookies and still use the Website. However, certain services on the Website require the use of cookies, and such disabling or removal of cookies may affect accessibility, smoothness, convenience and/or some functions of the Website.

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